Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Category: haiku

A White Season

A white flower blooms
from below or a cloud, air,
water, blossoming.



I could write poems
about where it is okay
for me to kiss you


early robin in a late blizzard
you are nearly too poetic
for me to write about

The Desert From The Sky

veins in the desert
arteries, capillaries
long ago run dry


Vanishing acres
Slippery, tangled chaos
spotted, unblinking


memory’s a sieve
where I drain out all my dreams
lost if i should blink


as my hair fizzles
a dragon breathes into me
and I see the world

Never Rest

Dying your skin white
Because Nepal’s highest peak
Has shit sympathy

Respiratory Lament in Haiku

the dancing white smoke
my mistress of maladies
death comes easily


There’s only one hole
in the ground for every man.
My basement scares me