About This (About Time For An Update)

In 4 days, I’ll have been posting my poetry on this blog for 2 years and 1 month. Not exactly a typical time to update things, but now is always better than never, and my old about page is absolutely dated. By now I’m a high school senior, on the verge of going to college at Sarah Lawrence, where I’ll probably be majoring in creative writing. Creating a blog to save poetry is possibly one the of the best ideas I’ve ever had, so no worries, the poetry will keep coming as it’s written. If anything, it’s an amazing way to see how much better and more diverse and interesting my writing has become over the past two years. Though I suppose that’s entirely subjective. Well check it out, read back a little ways to see how things have evolved, comment, come back and keep reading, all those things that keep this going. above all, enjoy.