Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Month: November, 2012

Curtain with Rods

Fear bounded by house.
Eye circling round storm
shaped bed. Restlessness.


The Walk (prologue)

I am walking down a road.
The road is there
and I also, am there.

The man is on the road,
just standing, when I stand,
and walking, when I walk.

I want to call out his name
but it is too loud
because of the storm.

The Walk (pt. 1)

The walk began and there were two men there. They were the ones walking. The conversation was held between them and they moved it back and forth to each other with their hands like a thick caterpillar. From far away it would look as if they were arguing or apologizing. They are walking down the path and you see them from behind. You feel a sort of love for them, but really for the scene; they’re a part of it and you love the men for walking and talking down the path, but you do not really love the men themselves. You can see yellow leaves in the dirt through the hollow peak of your book. You think about French churches and wonder if they too exist.