Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Month: August, 2010

A Love Poem

Paint a face colorless
collect short stories about a neckline
cross a bridge of perfectly laid ribcage
find whole caverns made of softly-tissued bone

I’ve made this trip many times
I’ve built small castles atop your breasts
I’ve climbed the hanging vines of your hair
and called deep into the well above your earlobe

Years later, it seemed
when I ran my little fingers in between the ridges of your fingerprints
when your fist closed loosely around me
and brought your face to mine for the first time

Finally! A small way for you to see, to smell, to taste me
the way that I have searched every patch of your skin
how I have held you tightly and left no impression
how I have tried to find that spot on your body
that makes my heart beat rhythmic within me
yet in this small lifetime of mine
I have found nothing at all


Container EP – The Confidant

Container – EP by theconfidant

This post is a unique one for this blog, but I think it’s appropriate. For years I’ve been writing poetry and posting it here, and over the course of all those years I’ve been working with my friend Shivan to develop a way to merge poetry and music. Over the past few days we worked literally nonstop and emerged with this 5 song EP. I apologize for the silent spots at the beginnings of some tracks; what you’re listening to is certainly the rough, yet-to-be-polished version of our creation. I’m posting it because I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve made, and I think if you enjoy reading my poetry, you’re going to enjoy the music of The Confidant.

Container – EP
The Confidant

Shivan Bhavnani – Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Percussion
Dan Levin – Ukulele, Backup Vocals, Trumpet, Percussion

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The twist comes in the beginning
two swans necks intertwined
the thread they weave is weak
but it still snakes its way through every seam

We walk slowly through the wilting garden
it’s not like me to see the beauty in trees
the gardener’s never known quite how to water
and the flowers are still learning how to see

I’ve stumbled and I’ve fallen
and I’ve watched the grass bleed green
Not today, not today
belief will close your throat if you let it

There’s no house here for someone to flood
it’s already become the rubble it was
I believed you when you built me a coffin
to sit upon

Not today, not today
not until the clouds are gone
Maybe tomorrow, when you say
that this isn’t your god to love

I know now who I was
and I grasp at the threads
that kept the best parts of me in
but the beaks of these birds
who squawk about love
keep tearing my garments apart

Three days pass
until the darkness fades
you keep calling me names
like baby and savior
and I know I can’t help you to remember
that overnight any thing can change

Here’s a cloud to shade your house
here’s a flower to reflect upon
here’s a god to return your love
and here’s the end we’ve both been waiting on