by DBLevin

Here is what I want to remember:

The experiences that appear
in the most stunning reality
after moments of contemplation
That occur as the room blinks into black

The realization that this night has the potential
to be different than every other

The way things begin in swirling consideration
and are lost in the unfolding of events

The disappearance of time and thought
in the moments between being myself
and kissing you

The significance of simple words
exchanged in the space of a few crucial minutes

The realization that it is possible to skip loudly
while walking home

Noticing my silhouette as I shed my sweatshirt
framed by the streetlit window

Terribly worded goodnight messages

Telling you “I’ll see you after the sun rises”

Deciding now if its worth going to sleep
when my skin is rippling with this much energy

The attempt to write this all down in poetry
if only as a way to save it in memory

Postscript —

Writing “not a dream” on the back of a receipt
so I would find it in the morning

Finding it in the morning