Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Month: December, 2008


concrete waves claim a coast
stained by castaways
and carousel caves
laymen dressed in blue and white
taught to be brave
and to obey
scrape along the shore
enjoying a sunrise
grey to match their eyes
white to match the waves
and stretched out in the sand
a boy crushes the dust of the universe
star-stuff beneath his hapless hands
the fingers of a god
toying with the rocks of oblivion


Mrs. Sen

Passed from page to page
a boy loved
and unloved
finally found the woman
with vermillion in her hair
and dreams of ‘far away’
in her mind
and it was so hard
for her to escape
only to be chained
to the wheel of car
and a man who taught math

so she lay awake
as the casette-tape played
in tongues distant and sweet
wafted on a breeze
of fish and the sea
’till the day when the boy
saw her taken away
by the new life she’d faked
and she left him
to sit on the beach
the boy loved
but unloved
but not fine

Zebra Crossing

A couple stands on the sidewalk
bordering the few steps into oblivion
ignoring that God and his band of lifetimes
just came strolling down the street
accompanied by a parade of motley angels
as if only to prove
that ignorance is not bliss
and that bystanders
are never innocent


Having the same conversation
I’ve had a thousand times before
but still I find myself
lost in old thoughts
and hoping
for the thousand and first time
that this time
it will be different

The Bright Side

Can you feel all that energy
That’s my fear of the world
slipping out through spaces
predisposed to hiding
in those black and white corridors,
the backdrops of silhouettes
written in raindrops across
my windows
thrown open to the night and the cold

can you feel all that energy
that’s my fear for the world
that raised me to be
older than I am
and more afraid
than I’ve ever been
of lying in the stars
and counting out the clouds
as they consume the earth
with their black hearts
and their silver linings

Rorschach and Me

Rorschach and me
puzzle out the mysteries
of mind
and space
and time
Only to find that this particular inky conglomeration
was clearly inspired by the man and his dog,
seen through the glass of the windowpane,
as they go spinning down the street
in the white winter sun