by DBLevin

you want to meet some man
with his fists at his sides
and his hands in his hair
it’s hard to believe
that you’re so convinced
the world isn’t savable

you fell in love with a boy
and he brought you to your knees
but you’re so happy
to be close to the sea
and you’re unbelievable
when you tell me
the world isn’t savable
so why bother trying

so you moved far away
to find some house in the hills
where your troubles could stay
but there was no one to love
and there was no one to hate
and you could never live that way

one day I told you
you were perfect
and your heart was made for thrills
you said you hated lullabies
because they gave you the chills
maybe the world isn’t savable
and maybe the plane can’t wait
but I just wanted to tell you
that we should live while we’re alive
and we shouldn’t be so alone when we die

your car is filled with the sound of our broken hearts
but the radio’s on
and we’ve got a long way to go
before we break down
and have to walk our way home