Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Month: October, 2008

For What We Strive

You are the words of this song
that slip off my tongue
and tell me what’s wrong
you showered your mind
on the world all around
you gave up on promises
and people who smiled and said
my heart’s not on fire
my heart’s not on fire anymore
and I haven’t cried in so long

you were so innocent
led to believe that it made sense to care
you’re lost in the crowds
of people who’ve always
been sad to be proud
it was never your fault
when you screamed out your lungs
at the man who was the same as everyone else
when he said
my heart’s not on fire
my heart’s not on fire anymore
and I haven’t cried in so long

Because the people around you
they wake in their beds
and they shake off their sweat
and they wait ’till their eyes close again


Bet on Red

I’m sick
of this gamble with desire
all my life has been a living sin
It’s dusk, now it’s dawn
I’m cold and I’m tired
but did you two conspire
to give in?

Time of the Year

I know it’s not my business
but I wanted to ask how it went down
I’m so glad your eyes match
your lies
and I’m so tired of feeling the seasons
the change makes me feel like
I’ll live or I’ll die
or go blind
you’re on my mind
you’re on my mind
It’s time for a line
to change my mind
some music would be nice
if I could make some time
it’s only your eyes
not some black & white design
calamine lotion
when your burns aren’t looking for ice
it’s so paralyzing
minding your own business
and making your own time
find me a line
so I can hook you and sink you
and make you mine
I’ll make you mine

River Styx

how odd is must have been
two passerby’s in the mist
perhaps a nod was exchanged
as their gazes touched
on that wavering water
as if never to touch again
but soon the clouds closed behind them
and the water fell still
all evidence
of their passing

Crumbs and Sparks

melting into oblivion
I can’t believe I didn’t see the trees
as I furrowed my brow
and lost my way
in paths so black and deceptive
but the night was warm
and the sky was still blue
when the sun came up
so I gave it no thought
in fact, I gave them nothing
and what should have been leaking,
spreading, and feeding
was contained,
wasted in the circle of my lungs
but I’ve finally found out how to climb
and how to paint the leaves
because the window’s always been nice
but it’s about time
to try the door

The Sound

Her eyes were lined in scarlet
and she dried them on her sleeve
as she drew me in the sand
she showed me where I’m from
she showed me where I am

living next to the sea
in a city, so white and clean
but she knows where the dirt is
where the music is made
right beneath your feet

I miss the sound that her voice makes
when she’s sharing a kiss
or singing on stage
and I wish I knew
what she loved me for
I’m broken and mean
and what she hasn’t seen
she was never looking for

Remember the words you gave me
in the rooms that we traded
this bed still reminds me
of the light in your hair
and how it felt on my face
under gold morning air

I’ll lie by your side
but we don’t kiss at night
with the water to your left
and tomorrow to your right

So I’ll sit up next to you
and though it aches more than you’ll know
lets run to the west coast
roll in the sand
and melt in the snow
’cause I feel like making something
and I never want to let go

There’s Sun in Seattle

You were so understanding
not condescending
So why can’t you just plant your feet on this hill
I forgot your face was so sad
on sundays as rain filled your head
and leaked from your eyes
from on top of the stairs
you were descending
in your white dress with your hair trailing on the floor
but this flower on my chest isn’t so bright
so i’ll drive you to the dance but don’t expect anymore
Let’s have a conversation
and consider our positions
let me be honest
just this once
your face breaks my heart
and when you don’t write me back
I know you’re okay
just disinterested
so get caught up in your business
and don’t worry about your east coast boy
he’s getting tired anyway
so I’ll hang up the phone
because there’s a three hour difference
and you’re probably asleep
and I can’t stay up late for you


I’m in a slump
stuck in stone
and I understand you
when you say you’re alone
but it’s like you can’t see
who’s at your side
and I don’t care why
I don’t care why
but I wish you’d just let me lie

I’m sorely missed
in my sleep
but everyone around here
is so remiss
and they’ve fallen out of practice
and they’ve run out of time
it’s getting sort of late
and I think you’re lying
when you say you’re fine

I can only be so kind
and your looks
can only take you so far
but I’m in love with your dimensions
and in spite of myself
it kills me when you mention
the boy behind you
and the splits in your sides
so sorely disguised
but I’ve always been blind to alibis

because the beat behind my eyes
has been getting weaker and weaker
and I think my heart
is getting sick of this game
while my mind runs away
my body’s here to stay
because I’m in love with your dimensions
and in spite of myself
I can’t close my eyes
and I know how you sleep at night
but I wish you’d just let me lie
when I tell you I’m alright


you want to meet some man
with his fists at his sides
and his hands in his hair
it’s hard to believe
that you’re so convinced
the world isn’t savable

you fell in love with a boy
and he brought you to your knees
but you’re so happy
to be close to the sea
and you’re unbelievable
when you tell me
the world isn’t savable
so why bother trying

so you moved far away
to find some house in the hills
where your troubles could stay
but there was no one to love
and there was no one to hate
and you could never live that way

one day I told you
you were perfect
and your heart was made for thrills
you said you hated lullabies
because they gave you the chills
maybe the world isn’t savable
and maybe the plane can’t wait
but I just wanted to tell you
that we should live while we’re alive
and we shouldn’t be so alone when we die

your car is filled with the sound of our broken hearts
but the radio’s on
and we’ve got a long way to go
before we break down
and have to walk our way home