A Proposal

by DBLevin

Hold these helping hands
because i have something to say
there’s no need for a reason
so I left you unwilling
as we break out
all dressed up in our bravado
little killers out for vengeance
and with some notion of conscience

But we’re so cold
and our fingers are slipping so quickly
and we’re so old
but this life has been good
though the bridges are burning
and escaping
as the wind blows
and our novels are unwritten
and our medals are unwon

Please give me some notion of conscience
so I can free this petty heart
there was one thing
I always wanted to do
forgive me
because my knees
aren’t what they used to be
though you’ve taught me so much
I still see so little
but this mind sees freely
so have heart

It’s easy to regret
so toss that cigarette
into the fire
and hand me one
we’re just having fun
living life on the run
it’s not easy
so tell me a secret
i’ll tell you a secret
you’re not mine anymore
but that’s fine
take it easy
just take it easy
because this life’s
been good
so let’s keep on living