by DBLevin

Burning up
in our state of mind
purple and blue
ribbons of time
ancient customs
orphans of wisdom
we are analogous
to three hundred symphonies
a world of horizons
and the next season’s infamy
I am a soldier
of numbers and letters
and letting my mind go
is some crazy, mean machine
I would read magazines
sold under papers
as warbling street boys
sold out of their ovaltine
I am a demon
who’s toying with emptiness
while I imagine
that I am some visionless,
sellout envisaged in gold, satin lover’s skin
the dots of a jaguar made me believe in you
I told you whispers
of alacrity, secrecy
the tremulous tales
of bears in the wilderness
ending emotions
is easy on paper
but you closed my eyes
to escape from your arms
and as you clutched me
and split me wide open
I cried out for heaven
and saints of antipathy
cradle your sweat
in the heart of a celibate
and forgive all these demons
for their emphatic trickery
because when I wake I know
I made a decision
to be real today
to be real tomorrow
because the air I breathe
is the air you breathe
But it’s easy
to believe
in air.