by DBLevin

When the first one tore into you
it blew your heart into my room
and as the world, it cut right through you
You were freed from its cocoon

Because we’re weaving these bright pictures
on your mother’s sacred loom
and the visions are so pretty
as they leave their holy wounds

While the air, it twirls around you
as you dance and as you spin
I begin to carve your likeness
into this old, forgotten tomb

Oh your heart, it is so pretty
why can’t you break it more
so I can come and mend it
and as I knock upon your door
I plan to sew my name in golden script

So when your heart beats in the morning
to the tune of gold velour
you will feel me all around you
and be enchanted by the score
As we dance all in the moonlight
you will want me to be yours
And as your heart beats never-ending
I will be your paramour