by DBLevin

And if I made my declaration
from the tops of rotting hills
would you finally come and find me
would you finally break my will
and take me away from here

take me home tonight
I’m broken and I’m battered
and I need someone to tell me I’m alright

Sometimes my empty proclamations
leave me feeling empty in the end
and I wonder if you’ll carry me
I wonder if you’re still a friend

Did I end it when I told you I didn’t want to fight?
I just wanted to be sure
that we didn’t need these words to be alright

When we got lost in that cluttered room
I thought that moments were invincible
I told you, “I know that I’m second-generation,
but this feels like the real thing to me.”
and you said, “we’re living in a well-armed populace,
where anyone will shoot on sight.”
well I’m afraid of the execution
but they tell me that the plan is air-tight.

And you’re making me nervous
when you say you never sleep at night
because no matter what I tell you
I know we’ll never be alright

we made our confessions
to dark men in darker rooms
things can be harder than they seem
but they told us it wouldn’t be so bad
and as I fought through foggy nightmares
to see you stumble into flight
I wondered, is there anybody out there
who will ever make me feel alright?

When I cry from my frosty mountains
I know that you can’t hear
but I’m screaming that I miss you
and I want you to believe I’m all alone
I saw the whole world naked
I never thought I’d see it break apart
Without your hands over my ears
I cannot ignore the rending of my heart

because whenever I was blinded
you would find a way to make me see the light
and today I’m feeling broken
so won’t you please just make everything alright?