Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Month: May, 2008


we are young
and confused
we are broken
and we’re losing
one thousand miles and i’m headed to shore
the world is getting closer and my head hits the floor
we are lost
and alone
i am chilled
to the bone
break me apart
and i’m empty at heart
eleven fake dollars
and a broken guitar
we’re on the street
and it’s cold
we are wet
but we’re bold
we let our destinies unfold
can’t you see
where we are
we’re the corners
and the bars
we are
empty promises
and grudges long gone
made from gray paper
and broken coin jars
we are sitting in the corner
and we’re waiting for home
waiting for the night
that we don’t spend all alone
looks outside
and tonight they see
what mirrors wouldn’t show



we will fight for this
exude happiness
make roses glow when we kiss
we turned speeding cars
into empty bars
and we sat there and whispered
from our seats in the booth we saw everything
and our questions were meaningless

we ground to dust
what we found in your room
when your late-night lust
made bathrooms into ballrooms
your gown was ripped
but we sold it for two beers
and a pack of cigarettes
candles in the aftermath

aren’t we just brave and invincible
making our paths known
to the foolish souls
driving down lonely roads
and finding that at the end
there was no point
in going it alone


I have the privilege of living lonely
flying solely
making empty promises to neighbours
selling souls for foolish capers
we are eternally insecure
and though our fathers let us know
just how tall it grows
we could never climb it
we planted seeds
magic weeds
and let our spirits flow


Stars defined by color, shape, and size
twinkle like one million eyes
they shatter, shiver, blindly
in our way, we live, and still it hurts
giving up to every sunken lie
the story of some empty, shallow, dry,
emotionless girl who promised
just like all the others promised
destitute and honest
we are all alone
and still we can see
from star to star
just how black it is


I find myself inspired
by the wanton twinklings of this sidewalk
like blindspots in my mind
eyes turned to the sky
a dearth of those cosmic lanterns
revealing that the stars have relocated
to the gum-spotted cement beneath my feet
but the moon remains eternal
unfazed by the encroaching arrogance of man
the unnatural light of progress
sidewalks and headlights
the closest thing to the milky way
in this forest of steel.