Spice (pt. 2)

by DBLevin

This is for you.

make your decisions
turn them in
tell us of
the life you lived
and was it worth it when cried
was it worth it when you died

fill it out
fill it in
and what we are
shadows in skin
I miss the feel of yours on mine
the day shadows turned into light

I wonder at the mixture of
life and strife and might and love
we are the struggle to believe
to need everything

make my mind one with yours
who is the seashell on your shore
lift and hold it to your ear
I’m screaming in there day by day
into the seashells, into the fray
eventually you’ll find them
and you’ll say, where have you gone?

kill me and hold me
brittle and tough
easily broken, your look’s enough
to make me fold over and
shatter into myself
one thousand times
I smiled.