Clouds and Trees

"Nothing ever goes away enough or arrives enough,/ and I want to cry when I think of my heart,/ muscle pounding in muscle, greedy always for joy." – 'A Warning', Eric Anderson

Month: March, 2007


the tree that spells life with its branches
writes wonder with each leaf
speaks hope with every seed

the forest that gives laughter among every treetop
hides birth in every root
holds love in every footstep

you, hiding truth in every teardrop
speaking love with the touching of fingertips
and that one moment in time
when our eyes met
and we knew each other inside and out
and in that split second
we saw how deep it ran
and we ran with it



a single slice of crescent moonlight
hangs in the sky like a deep tear
in the dark fabric of the night
reflecting silver shadows
off the heather that slips between our unfettered toes,
silently creeping through the mists and wooden pillars of pine
which tower high above our heads like arrows piercing the night sky,
brushing the stars with their needly fingertips
and slowly the light chases away the night,
the fire of the sun engulfing the stars and banishing the darkness
to welcome the peeking beaks of birds in the endless pines
and the subtle waves carressing the emerald fields, wind dancing from flower to flower,
lightly kisses our faces as we awake to the majesty of morning.


Love is
a yellow daisy
on candlelit backporches
two people swinging
to the rhythm of crickets

a swelling crescendo

a kiss on the cheek


a goodbye that only means hello

overcast mornings
with sunlit faces
two people walk
to the sonatta of robins
a fingertip brush, paints in orange
every heartbeat in her hand


silent anticipation asks the gravel underfoot with downcast eyes

a whisper
a question
a kiss

Love is
two people
forever intertwined
kissing to the drumbeat of raindrops
the resonance of rainbows
the symphony of sunsets
the melody of the moon
the music of love


I’m just a mayfly remembering yesterday
a drop of water
nostalgic for the clouds
autumn red, orange, and yellow
reminiscing about green

I’m just a boy utterly in love
with someone and something
as impossible and beautiful
as the wind
and the stars
a summer day
a winter night
a wisp of hair
a passing glance
a passionate kiss
never forgotten
of you

Moving on

Just a soul lost in an ocean
of swirling emotion
lost at sea day after day
ever since the sun gave way
to this storm of loss and love
guilt and sadness rain down from above
And inside you wish for the sun again

But never, ever wish for that different pain
bright sun over calm seas
because below lurk violent memories
of the sadness you feel
When he brings flowers to heal
a love as dead and fake and gone
as those lonely flowers will become
dropping their petals one by one
like lonely whisps of memories
So when the storm clears
and the rain stops
don’t wish for what you had
just look around, to the setting sun
and the rising moon
and sail to the brightest horizon


I’ve found the place
where I can rest peacefully
with your breath alongside my own,
knowing it doesn’t matter to us tomorrow
I’ve found the place
Where I can sleep silently
without worrying about yesterday
I’ve found the place
Where I can breathe easily
Who I want
What I want
Where I want to be
Without worrying about somebody’s prying eyes
I’ve found the answer
to a question I haven’t bothered to ask
and even so
I still don’t know
If these are questions
I should be asking
Or secrets
I should be telling
or conversations
I should be having
But in the end
there’s only one question that sticks in my mind, and that is
Whom do I miss more?
the place, the people, or the person?

Love (so hallmark)

simple words
just enough
one word
just for us
the word
just for you
my love
through and through


We’re just holding hands
Driving with the road beneath us
We opened the book
and we found what we wanted
We knew no one in the world
could ever have stopped it
But still we’re wondering where to go from here
There’s no path, it’s not clear
We still know we’ll be safe
in each other’s arms
holding hands, as we look to the future
and back to the past
We know the sun dawns before us
night’s hidden at last
still we’re just holding hands
our fingers intertwined
and for once,
it’s all right…


tear and tear
don’t care
throw your worries in the air
let someone catch them
wonder why
makes the world turn ’round and sigh
throw your heart into the bowl
feed the children words of soul
make your last thoughts ones of love
spit upon by those above

After All

The only memory is still
pinned up on the wall
and if you died I’d die with you
And if you fell I’d break your fall

My dreams drown in your deepest fountain
Holding on to the love soaked wall
I would climb the highest mountain
If i could hold you, after all

Solemnly I walk the edge,
Dropping tears to their death
My love’s fallen off the ledge
Stealing away my lonesome breath

Rip the picture off the wall
The fragment of your face remains
Pinned down by that lonely memory
I’ll always hold you, after all…